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Hello and welcome to our Pickles Ball website, the best place for information on everything you need to know about the world of pickleball. Regardless of if you play for exercise, competition, or fun with friends, we have everything you need to enjoy this great sport. Whatever the reason for your being here, you will find everything you need to learn how to play, improve your game or find reviews of some of the best equipment to take pickleball to the next level.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and continue to enjoy pickleball, however you choose to play.

Pickleball Rules

Rules of PickleBall

Learn the rules of pickleball

We know, rules right! No one likes rules, but without them pickleball would not be much of a game.  So let us explain exactly how this great game is played, we promise to make it easy and fun.

Pickleball has the combined features of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, but also has its own unique features, too!  This sport incorporates point scoring from badminton, the court structure from badminton and tennis, the net from badminton and tennis, and the paddle from table tennis.  The ball is plastic and contains several small holes.  A game is played to 11 points.  Only the server can score points – 1 point per serve.  Each time you win a point you serve again.  You continue serving until you lose the rally.

There are a few other rules which you need to know if you are just starting out, so take a look at the pickleball rules page to learn the rest, and you will be ready to play before you know it.

Pickleball might have started as a fun family game 50 years ago, but it is now a hugely popular sport with an official association promoting and and managing every aspect of the game. The USA Pickleball Association has standardized the game across the US and updated the rules as new, more professional equipment has been introduced (looking at you pickleball paddles and pickleballs), to ensure the game stays true to its roots and is enjoyable for young and old players alike.

Pickleball Strategy

pickleball strategies

Strategies will improve your pickleball game

In tennis, it’s usually one, two, three and the rally is over.  In pickleball, the court is smaller than a tennis court.  The rallies are fun, exciting and can last for several minutes.  Pickleball is great exercise and, like all sports, it gives you a mental and physical release.  You can forget your worries and even laugh during the rallies.

However, you are still likely to want to win as losing is not fun, well most of the time it isn’t.

So regardless of if you are playing a game amongst friends or in a competition, you are going to need to learn various pickleball techniques or strategies to help you gain an edge, control the game and win.

Knowing when to play a dink shot, when to smash the ball, or where to be standing in a doubles match to compliment your partners playing style will make a huge difference to your game.

Understanding these simple strategies can greatly improve your enjoyment of the sport and make you a far more effective player.  Check out our pickleball strategies page for lots of help, tips and tricks.

Pickleball Equipment

pickleball equpment

What equipment do you need to play

Pickleball was created using just a few things laying around and as such it is not an expensive game to play, even professionally today.  It remains accessible to everyone, which is another reason why I love it.  You simply require a net, a ball and two paddles to play, and you are good to go.

However, as the sport has grown up over the last 50 years, you can now get accessories like pickleball shirts, hats, gloves, shoes for pickleball  and pickleball equipment bags, which can not only improve your game, but make you feel more comfortable on the court.

There are plenty of cheap pickleball paddles available as you start playing, but as your skills improve, you are likely to want to find specialized equipment to compliment your game.  As such, it is good to know what is good and what to avoid.

To help, we have created a pickleball equipment page which walks you through the different paddles, balls, nets, courts and accessories, so you work out what you need and what will improve your game.  If you prefer to get everything you need to start playing in one pack, you might want to take a look at our guide to the best pickleball equipment sets, which includes everything required to get playing straight away.

Pickleball Reviews

pickleball equipment reviews

Reviews of all the latest equipment

Do you need a 1G, 2G or 3G paddle?  Which is the best brand for the best price?  With so many different types and brands of paddles on the market and new ones becoming available every day, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the best paddle which suits your style of playing.

As the game has become more competitive, which includes an official US open, the USAPA has had to introduce amendments to its official rules to ensure the game does not favour speed or a specific type of player.  So whilst you might get away with playing with a non standard paddle in friendly games, you will need to know what is approved and what isn’t, if you want to play in any pickleball competitions.

Not all paddles are created equal, some are perfect for beginners and some are geared to a particular skill, like pickleball paddles for spin.  To help, we have created the review pages, which covers the current best equipment available and the latest contenders which are worth a look.

Pickleball is not just about paddles, and as such, at Pickles Ball we compare and review all of the kit you will need, such as pickleball nets, equipment sets and pickleballs so you can find everything you need to not only enjoy this great sport but excel at it as well.