Some of this site’s visitors have asked who I am and why did I put up this site. My name is Tim Jensen, and my wife, Kiera, and I currently live in Lincoln Hills, a Del Webb senior Community, in Lincoln, California. Kiera and I are both retired now and she is currently only playing Pickleball, while I’m mostly play Tennis, with some Pickleball and we both spend a lot of time on our computers. We moved into Lincoln Hills in October of 2009 because we wanted to live in a Senior Community that had both Pickleball and Tennis. Prior to moving here, we lived in Arizona from about 1998. We originally moved to Sun City West, a Del Webb senior community and eventually moved to Sun City Grand, another Del Webb senior community in Surprise, AZ

I decided to put up this site for several reasons. First and foremost is that my wife Kiera and I both love Pickleball, and at the time this site was created, we were both playing as much as time and our bodies would permit. I also enjoy Computers and learning some of the skills that putting up a web site entails. It provides me with entertainment that is not hard on my knees! I will be happy to include any information about Pickleball that visitors to this site provide me.

Because Kiera worked when we were living in Arizona, she and I played only a few Pickleball Tournaments together, but we did play in the 2004 Florida Senior Olympics at The Villages and had a great time. Some of you players from Florida might remember my wife and I as that weird team who played funny. After watching us, everyone said that people in Arizona played funny. We just told them, that even in Arizona we play funny. For anyone that’s thinking about going to the Florida Senior Olympics, I would highly recommend it as it was a great place to visit and play Pickleball. The Villages is an interesting place to visit and they have an unbelievable number of Pickleball courts.

While my wife will still play an occasional Pickleball tournament in California, I gave up tournaments a few years ago because I no longer was able to play at the top level without becoming physically exhausted. However, I still enjoy the game very much and recommend it to everybody of all ages.