What I love about Pickleball is that you don’t have to take it seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, I take it very seriously when I play… well, most of the time!

The below video is what makes me love this game, and why I encourage everyone to come and have a go. You will meet new people, who you wish you had known all your life, get some exercise, and most importantly have a good laugh.


Thanks Jane for publishing this, but one question.  What was with the toilet seat in the kitchen? Obviously they were playing in Texas, so the shotgun made sense!

Spat my coffee all over my laptop when it got to the ‘paddle with no sweet spot’ 🙂 Made me cringe about every paddle article I have ever read, or written.  Also, I am gonna have to start using the phrase, ‘get some English on’ more often, though I reckon that paddle might not conform to USAPA competition rules!