pickleball Cyber Monday salesThis post is going in my blog as it is nothing more than a bit of fun.  Basically, all of these memes made me laugh and I hope you enjoy them too.

Pickleball is cancelled

The feeling you get when you get that phone call cancelling pickleball.

no pickleball today cat


koala no pickleball today

Grandma loves pickleball more than you!

Lets be honest, you know you love pickleball more than anything else in your life, and you love to win.

grandma loves pickleball


pickleball baby

Should a husband and wife play together?

Pickleball and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage…

marriage stress


What you say to yourself when you pull off the perfect shot!

one in a million

Helping a friend improve their game.

particular set of skills

When I walk in to my local club

This is how I see myself.  No one else does 🙂

If I played pickleball

The more of these that I look at, the more I associate with them!  If you have any suggestions, send them in via the contact page.