pickleball set reviewsPickleball is a racquet sport for all ages and is gaining popularity across America. Pickleball is a fun, exciting, and lifelong sport.

Being a power hitter, is not a prerequisite of the game, but rather the game emphasizes placement and strategy.

Players use a paddle that can be made of a variety of materials including composite, graphite, and wood. Pickleball uses a harder type of wiffle ball and is played on a 20 x 44 ft. court with a net. Games can be played as singles or doubles, and are played up to 11 points, with only the server or serving team able to score points. If you win a point on your serve, you continue to serve until you lose the point.

If you are new to the game, playing in your normal sports shoes and t-shirt is fine but as you progress, you will most likely want to get some pickleball shoes and shirt.

Although you can pickup the equipment needed to play pickleball as and when you need it, a lot of folk find it easier and more convenient to get a pickleball set, giving them a complete set of equipment required to jump straight in and start playing.

So, that is why I have created this guide, to take you through the various pickleball set options available, their strengths and weaknesses, things to think about before making a purchase so you can get the best bang for your buck.

If you have little time, take a quick look at the pickleball set comparison table to see my top choice.  If you have a little more time, read on.

1. Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball Paddle, Portable Net and Ball Set

Rally Tyro 2 pickleball set review

The Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball Set

If you are looking for a pickleball set which is high quality through and through, then this complete set is the one you should be taking home with you.  It comes with composite performance paddles, a great portable net, balls and a nifty carry case to stow it all away in and take it wherever you feel like playing.

Paddles – You get 4 x Rally Tyro paddles which are composite performance pickleball paddles with a 4 inch grip and 4 inch long handle.

The paddles are lightweight at only 7 Ounces but are strong with a performance polypropylene honeycomb core and composite face with an enhanced sweet spot.  All of this means that they are really nice to play with and give you pretty good grip for spin and enough power to drive by opponents.

Balls – 4 x indoor Jugs pickleballs are included and the carry case has pockets for the paddles and balls for transport.

Net – The net which completes this set is the excellent PickleballCentral Rally Portable Net system, which is extremely popular and one of our recommended buys over in the portable pickleball net guide.

It features an easy snap together frame, wide sturdy legs so you can play outdoors in windy weather, net tension straps, and a raised crossbar so you can easily roll the balls to your opponents during the game.

Setting up the net is really simple and takes only a couple of minutes, which is really handy.

Carry Bag – Lastly, the carry bag is sturdy, has room for the net, balls and paddles, has a set of rules and instructions, and when packed it weighs only 26 lbs so it is easy to transport whenever and wherever you want to play.

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Overall – Anyone new to the game or who are looking to play an active sport and improve their fitness will find this set has everything they need for hours of fun.  The paddles really are excellent, much better than a simple wooden set.  They are light, easy for children and adults to hold comfortably and play spin and power shots equally well.  The portable pickleball net is one of the best you can buy and one we would be happy playing with both indoor and out.

Bottom line – I know this set is more expensive than the others, but it is by far and away the best equipment you can buy in a set and you will not be disappointed if you give it a go.

2. Rally Meister Pickleball Net, Paddle Ball Set

Rally Meister Pickleball set review

The Rally Meister Pickleball Set

The second cheapest option in our pickleball set guide is the Rally Meister.  It has everything required to play pickleball and at a price that will not break the bank.

Paddles – You obviously cannot expect composite paddles for this price, but what you do get is a nice set of 4 x Rally Meister wooden paddles made by PickleballCentral.

These paddles are fairly durable, being made from 7-ply alternating grain wood, but being made of wood, they are also on the heavier side, weighing in at 9.5-10.5 ounces.  

One feature that I do like is the safety wrist straps, which is a nice addition, especially for beginners and kids.  The grip is also pretty high quality, and it is comfortable to hold and play with for an extended period of time.

Balls – Included in the set is 4 x indoor Jugs pickleballs so you do not have to worry too much if you lose one!

Net – The net that comes in this set is the superb PickleballCentral Rally Portable Net system, just as in the most expensive equipment set in our guide above.  This is a great net for playing both outdoors and inside as it is super sturdy and can cope with windy conditions without blowing over.  In fact, you are far more likely to give up playing in the wind before your net does!

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Carry Bag – There is a full set of rules and instructions in the carry bag, and plenty of room to pack away, the net, paddles and balls, with separate pockets for the balls and paddles to keep them safe from the metal frame of the portable pickleball net.  The fully packed carry bag weighs a mere 25 lbs, so it is easy to move around for most people, both young and old.

Overall -If you are looking for a great net and decent wooden paddles to play a game of pickleball with friends and socialise, this set will not steer you far wrong.  Yes, you can get better paddles as found in the more expensive pickleball sets in this guide, but these really are pretty good to play with.  Just make sure that you are comfortable with the roughly 10 oz weight.

3. Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

Pickleball Diller Tournament set review

The Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

The Pickle-Ball, inc. pickleball set is hard to ignore as it uses the excellent Pickleball Inc Portable 3.0 Pickleball Tournament Net and has a great set of paddles and balls to get you started.  For those looking for a quality set of equipment to use at home or setup in the park with friends, this is definitely a set worth looking at in more detail.

Paddles – The paddles as you would expect with a pickleball set of this price are wooden, but like the Rally Meister set above, they are very good quality.

You get 4 x Diller paddles in this set, which are made of 7 ply alternating grain wood with nice cushioned handles for a comfortable grip that you will not mind playing with for a few hours.

Being made of wood, the paddles are a bit on the heavy side, weighing 9-10.6 ounces, so keep that in mind if you are buying this for small children or anyone with weaker wrists.  Talking of wrists, these paddles come with a wrist strap, which for casual games with friends and family is a great idea.

Balls – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, 4 x Jugs ball are included to get your game started.

Net – This pickleball set uses the Pickleball Inc Portable 3.0 Tournament Net System, which is actually our favourite portable net and our top pick in our portable pickleball net guide, so basically you know you are getting a quality product.

The net is extremely easy to put together and you can be up and running ready to play in less than 5 minutes.  The net is made from high quality black mesh with white vinyl bindings.  It is also very sturdy and can easily handle playing outdoors in windy conditions for as long as you can!

Overall, a superb choice of net and one I personally am happy to play with every day of the week.

More Details
Carry Bag – A good quality carry bag is supplied to keep the net, paddles and balls safe when not used or to transport.  Weighing only 25 lbs when fully packed, this is a lightweight pickleball set that anyone can move around with ease.

Overall – The net is one of the best portable pickleball nets you can buy and the balls are great to play with.  You can have everything setup in no time and there are a set of rules for anyone learning pickleball and a good set of instructions for putting the net together.  The paddles are decent for wood and you will still be able to have lots of fun with friends and a good couple of hours socialising.  There is a lot to like with this set.

4. Kanga Pickleball Paddle, Portable Net and Ball Set

Kanga Pickleball Set review

The Kanga Pickleball Paddle, Portable Net and Ball Set

Another great pickleball set which can be enjoyed with family and friends.  The Kanga pickleball portable net and ball set have everything you need to enjoy this great game, and with a net that can be setup in less than 5 minutes, you will be ‘pop’ing the ball in no time like a pro.

Paddles – These paddles are really good for anyone just starting out in the game of pickleball.  They are very comfortable to hold, with a nice cushion grip and have a wrist strap for added safety. Being wooden, they weigh more than our top choice, the Rally Tyro 2, but they are excellent as part of this set, especially for schools and recreational centers.

Balls – 4 x Jugs balls are supplied with this set and they are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Net – Our favourite portable net, the Pickleball Inc Portable 3.0 Tournament Net System, is also included in this complete equipment set, which gives you confidence that this set is going to last for years.

It is portable, lightweight and very sturdy wide legs which provide tons of stability in windy outdoor conditions. The easy snap together metal frame is powder coated, meaning that if you wanted, you can leave this outdoors overnight and the frame should not rust.  Nice features like tension straps to keep the net rigid, and a raised lower crossbar to keep the net taught and allows players to roll the pickleball to each other, just add to the usability.

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Carry Bag – The sturdy nylon carry case has plenty of room for the paddles, balls and net and it comes with a full set of instructions for assembling the net in just a few minutes, as well as a set of pickleball rules, if you are still learning the game, or someone joins in the fun.

Overall – With a combined weight of only 25 lbs, this is a very portable pickleball equipment set that you can take to the local recreation center or to the park, without worrying about hurting your back.  The net is 1st class and has every thing you need for years to come and the paddles and balls are perfect for beginners, schools, YMCA’s or community centers.

5. Verus Sports TG425 Professional Portable Pickle Ball Net Set

Verus Sports TG425 Pickleball Set review

The Verus Sports TG425 Pickleball Set

If you are looking to quickly and cheaply setup a pickleball court in the yard, park or court, then the Verus Sports TG425 pickleball set is a pickleball set that you should take another look at.

Paddles – The paddles included in this set are the most basic set of 4 paddles you can buy.  They are wooden like the ones found in the other sets (excluding the Rally Tyro 2 which are composite) but where the other sets have comfortable wrapped grips, these are simply bare wood, so can get a little slippy when your hand gets sweaty.  Luckily, they also have a safety wrist band, so you do not have to worry about them flying out of your hand and damaging themselves, nearby objects or others.  Which is good news!

Balls – 3 x pickleballs are included so you can start playing straight away.

Net – The net is actually pretty good.  It is regulation size, so can actually be used in any official pickleball competitions and has a lot of nice features that you would find on some of the more expensive nets.

The powder coated metal frame is sturdy and can resist the weather without fear of rust if left out overnight.  It is easy to put up and take down, only taking a few minutes with the push button looking system.

The net has velcro tension straps which I like as they are very simple to adjust and keep the net taut, and a cross bar which is raised and allows you to roll balls below the net to your opponent.

Carry Bag – The carry bag is certainly spacious and has more than enough room to pack everything away ready for transport.  At 20 pounds, this is the lightest pickleball set in our guide, so perfect for anyone who might struggle with the slightly heavier options above.

More Details
Overall – The Verus Sports TG425 pickleball set is by far the cheapest set in our review but that does not make it the worst or low quality.  Being less than a 3rd of the price of our number 1 choice set, the Rally Tyro 2, you have to give the Versus some serious thought.

Question)  Does this pickleball set give you everything you need to have a game of pickleball anywhere?

Answer)  Yes

Bottom line – If you do not need the best net (the Verus is still a very good net by the way) and you do not need the best paddles, perhaps you have found the perfect set for you.  I personally think it is excellent but if I had the money, I would still buy the Rally Tyro 2 as the paddles make a world of difference if you are a little more  serious about the game.

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport made up from elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis which uses a ball made from hard plastic with holes drilled in to it, like a wiffle ball, which you hit over a net to your opponent.  Great for everyone and any age, from the young to the old, it is especially popular with seniors and offers a fun, competitive workout which is easy on the joints and does not rely on fitness levels to enjoy.

This great game can be played indoors and outdoors on hardwood floors, aphalt (blacktop), and tennis courts. All you need to do is set up the nets and lines and you are ready for competitive fun. Afterwards you will realize that not only did you get a good workout, but you also had a great time with friends, young and old.

Why Do Seniors Love Pickleball?

This fun game of Pickleball which is enjoyed by all ages is particularly popular with seniors for the following reasons:

  • Great cardio workout – Pickleball, like any racket sport is great for your cardiovascular system and can help to prevent hypertension, strokes and heart attacks, if played in moderation, according to your fitness levels.
  • Easy to play – Pickleball does not have much of a learning curve for new players and uses familiar rules to anyone who has played tennis, badminton or ping-pong.
  • A fun, fast moving game – Pickleball is fun to play with friends but can also be played competitively with more advanced and even professional players.
  • Any age can play and compete – Pickleball is not just a game for the young, anyone can play, no matter their age, fitness or ability.
  • Easy on the muscles and joints – Pickleball is a low impact sport, especially doubles, so it is easy on the joints and is a really good aerobic workout.
  • The best social sport around! – Pickleball is like no other, when it comes to social interactions. Many players play for the fun and chance to catch up with friends and family.

Pickleball is an easy game to enjoy, provides an opportunity to meet new people and have fun with friends, and does not put too much stress on creaking joints but helps you remain fit and active.  It is easy to adapt to for players who once played tennis but who are no longer able to enjoy the game as they once did.

So for these reasons, you can see why the senior community have become so attracted to it.  Why all of us have really!

Why The Right Pickleball Equipment Is Important?

Anyone who wants to play pickleball needs a paddle.  But how do you find a pickleball paddle which is right for your game, especially one which comes as part of a set?


Engage Encore Pro Review

The Engage Encore Pro Paddle

Whatever pickleball set you decide is the right one to buy, remember that it comes with a paddle and the paddle is the piece of equipment you are going to use the most and has the most impact on your game.  So ensuring yo have the right paddle for your style of play and ability is crucial to your enjoyment of this sport.

Price is not always the best indicator of the quality of the paddle which is included, so do not think that simply buying the most expensive set will give you the best paddle.  But saying that, if you buy the cheapest set, you are likely to get a poor quality paddle.

A crucial point to consider when buying a pickleball paddle is the weight and feel in your hand.  You will find paddles that weigh between 6-14 oz. and although a 14 ounce paddle might not seem a lot of weight, it can make a real difference to your game compared to a 8 ounce paddle, depending on your wrist / arm strength and how you swing it.

Swing Types


If you take a longer backswing, use a full stroke and follow through, you would benefit from using a lighter paddle. Lighter paddles weigh between 7-8 ounces.


With a shorter backswing, try a medium to heavier paddle which weigh between 7-10 ounces. 


Having determined the best paddle weight for your style and ability, you should also think about the size of the grip the pickleball paddle has.  After all, your hand needs to grip the paddle comfortably to make controlled shots or really pop the ball with power. Think of it this way, you would not think of playing in shoes that are too big or too small, likewise, you should not even consider playing with a paddle which does not have a grip that fits your hand or playing style.

If you tend to use your wrist more in your style of play, you will likely prefer a narrower grip as this helps you control and spin the ball more.  If you are more of a power player, a wider grip will help you get as much out of your paddle as it will give you.

Hand Size

If you have larger hands and need more room on the handle, look for a paddle with longer handles so you can grip the paddle comfortably.  Conversely, if you have smaller hands, you will not want a paddle with a large handle.


There are numerous paddles available in lots of different sizes and designs, which some players prefer playing with, over any other particular shape or design, below are the various choices available.

  • Wide body – 8.3 inches tends to be the widest you will find on a pickleball paddle, and regulations state that for official paddles the length multiplied by the widest part of the paddle should not be more than 24 inches.  This is my personal favourite!
  • Edgeless – If you prefer a bigger playing surface, then consider an edgeless paddle as it gives you the maximum sweet spot available and is perfect for advanced or professional players. The only draw back for us mere mortals, is that the lack of a guard can mean that we end up chipping the edge when we inevitably catch the ground.
  • Elongated – This is the most popular type of paddle currently being played with is the elongated paddle which is longer and thinner.

Caring For Your Paddle

Pickleball players take great pride in their paddles. You have spent a long time finding the perfect fit for your playing style and have a well balanced, quality made paddle. Here are some ideas on how to take care of it and make it last for a long time:

  • If the paddle needs cleaning, just use a damp cloth with soap and gently rub on each side of the paddle. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Be sure not to get any water inside of the edge guard while cleaning. It will shine like the day you bought it.
  • Carry your paddle in a bag or backpack to protect it.
  • If the edge guard becomes loose, use an all purpose glue to fix it.

Whilst there is a lot of choice available to you, it does not need to be difficult to find the right pickleball equipment set as is will feel right and you know your playing style, so you just need to choose one which has quality individual pieces of equipment.

Pickleball is a very popular sport in the USA and is also played all over the world, if you take your time and consider the recommendations I have made above, you will find a great set that will keep you enjoying the sport for a very long time.

Setting up a pickleball court is actually quite easy, watch the video below to learn how to put your new pickleball equipment set to good use, straight away.


Pickleball is a great sport that you enjoy with friends and family, and anyone can play, no matter their ability, fitness or age.  There are some excellent pickleball equipment sets above, so take the plunge and join the ranks across America and have some fun, make new friends and be sociable!